Aisyah In Town

After taking a couple of days to myself in order to recuperate from my trip to Spain (though I must admit my overwhelming wanderlust was incurable), I was back in the real world to greet Aisyah whom I visited in Birmingham not long ago. She came over to Colchester as soon as her semester break began. It was nice of her to travel all the way from Birmingham to spend some time with me to make up the geographical distance between us. I wasn’t able to bring her around due to the insane gusts of wind in Colchester. We did sort of fight against the odds by stubbornly going outside to take a walk around my university’s large campus.

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Photo credits to Aisyah Azlan

Edited on VSCOCam by Fifi H. Hasman

One of the things that I love about its Colchester campus is that it sits on top of hills, making it look like a recreational park. It also has two small lakes next to the library, where its major expansion is currently on-going. For someone like me, who proudly proclaims herself as a countryside girl rather than a city girl, it’s a blessing to have a little getaway on campus whenever I feel cooped up at home or after I’ve had a long day attending lectures and seminars.

Watching the water rippling in the lake and the soft breeze brushing past the willow trees that manicure the sides of the lakes have always managed to calm my nerves as I sip my cup of mocha that I regularly love to take away from the Lakeside Theatre Cafe, a campus-based cafe which has grown to become Hallie’s favourite.

Due to unfortunate timings, Aisyah couldn’t experience my uni life as much as I wanted to show to her since most of the cafes on campus were not operating during semester breaks and a lot of my friends have gone back home.

However, I’m glad that I could make home-cooked food for her and bring her around Colchester Town and my campus. It reminds of the beauty in the simplicity of life and human relationships that becomes the core of our existence and binds us together as a whole.

Tomorrow, we’ll be travelling to Canterbury together to visit our friends from our sixth form days, Syasya and Mona, and we are both so excited that we can hardly shut our eyes!

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