Day 3 of Trip to Malaga

We were afforded with another beautiful sunny day in Malaga. My heart soared as soon as I was basked in the warmth of the sun. After being stuck in the depressing and grey British weather, I realised how much I loved the sun and so I took it upon myself (and I suppose the rest felt a similar sentiment towards the weather) to memorise this warmth.


Another experimental portraiture of Dee.


My friends saw this coffeeshop while we were walking around on our second day, and so they brought me here for breakfast. Wish I had taken more photos of the interior because it was absolutely brilliant; vintage furnitures, wooden floorings and industrial lightings.


Haziq enjoying the scenery from atop of Alcazaba.


Alcazaba is a Muslim palatial fortress that sits on top of the hills at Costa Del Sol and it has been there for many centuries. It was built some time in the 11th century during the Hammudid Dynasty. As a palace and a fortress altogether, Alcazaba had different levels of living quarters to ensure a stable foundation on the irregular terrains.


What I loved most about the site was its beautiful courtyards that were manicured in vines and flowers.


A self-portrait.


A view of the city from one of the rooms at Alcazaba.


Malaga Harbour.


As Bruneians, the sea is an essential part of our lives seeing how Brunei is situated along the coastline of Borneo Island and how accessible the beaches are no matter where you live in the small sultanate. After 15 minutes of walk from Alcazaba, we took in the scenery of clear, azure waters and the sun was effortlessly beaming down upon us. In that moment, I felt so much more alive and at home.

I must say, this is one of the best trips I have ever been on and I must thank Haziq for planning it all. There are more photos from the trip but I think I’ll save them for future blogposts. I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos from my trip to Malaga and that you are interested in going there yourself!


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