The Rustic Trove began as a platform for me to share my photos. After moving to the UK to further my studies, I decided to take the opportunity to travel around and to pursue a medium of photography that I had been longing to do; film photography. So, this blog was the perfect place to start documenting my journey, aside from Instagram.

Over time, the blog became more than just a photography blog and it gradually evolved into a lifestyle and travel blog where you can find scopes of interest ranging from foliage and interior design to gatherings as well as from gastronomy to fashion (although, if I may add, very occasionally for the latter).

Some may come in the medium of writing, others may come in the medium of digital and film photography.

Whether or not you are here out of curiosity or perhaps by accident, welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the journey!

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  1. Thanks, Fifi, for visiting my writing studio, and for choosing to follow my work. Hope it meets your expectations for authenticity.

    — SM


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