Behind The Blog

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I’m a Bruneian currently reading BA Philosophy and Politics at University of Essex. Heavily inspired and influenced by indie music, the likes of Parker FitzgeraldHamada Hideaki and Spenser Sakurai, as well as the Kinfolk Magazine, The Rustic Trove is where I showcase and cultivate my creative side, especially in writing and photography. So, when I’m not drowning in a sea of assignments, you’ll be sure to find me here.

Writing has always been a medium that I love to use to express myself since I was 12. At first, all I wanted to do was to write stories, but slowly, I expanded my scopes of writing. In 2013, I joined the Brunei Times’ Young Journalists Camp to learn more about report-writing and I was a writer for Meragang Sixth Form Centre’s newsletter, Meraxcellence. In 2014, I was hired as a freelance reporter for an online-based magazine, Mingguan Brunei. Currently, I’m a writing editor for theUnion, the official newsletter of Brunei Students’ Union in the UK and EIRE.

As for photography, it all started when my mum’s friend lent me a point-and-shoot camera for my trip to Beijing in 2012. Since then, my love not just for photography but also for travelling grew immensely. For digital photography, I use the camera on my phone, Samsung A5. For film photography, I use 35mm film format cameras; Canon AV-1, Pentax K1000 and Pentax P50.

Other than writing, travelling and taking photos, I also enjoy reading and cooking.