Day 2 of Trip to Malaga 2015

Our second day in Malaga was when we began to truly enjoy sight-seeing the city with the sun high up above shining down upon the cobblestone pavements and worn-out painted walls. Our main destination for the day was Picasso Museum, but along the way as we tried to find it, we ended up stopping by at random places, some of which were sites of attraction.


We didn’t know what this place was called, but we went in anyway.


I indulged my friends in taking portraits of them. It was also experimental since it was my first time using the Kodak Portra 160 film. My verdict? It was way better than I expected it to be!


This photo is probably one of my favourites from the trip! I fell completely in love with the Renaissance interior of Malaga Cathedral. The historical place also featured various paintings and grand artworks of their patron saints and other influential religious figures. I suppose in spite of differences in religion, one can still appreciate the sanctity of life through artworks that speak volume.


A street musician.


What I love about the balconies here is that they are constantly adorned with fresh greenery and flowers.


A portrait of Zihah.


Haziq beaming a smile for the camera.


One of our favourite halal restaurants in Malaga.

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