Teaser | The “Resolute” Series

No words can describe how excited I am to share with you a series of imagery that I recently worked on with the help of a close friend, Ika Musa, and a friend of hers, Harry Roter, who came all the way from Oxford.

In my previous post, I mentioned how I wanted to explore street photography. This time, I had the opportunity to do so on film, which was perfect given the fact that I had two models to work my way around it and Harry was experienced in modelling. So, that made things a lot easier.

On a supposedly gloomy day, we convened at Ika’s apartment and that was where I met Harry for the first time. After hearing about his experience as a model, I was nervous since I myself have had from very little to zero experience of ever working with or for anyone or anything big aside from close friends.

Harry came by, clad in an all-black ensemble which matched with Ika’s outfit. After an exchange of words in hopes of forging familiarity, we went straight outside to take a walk around the neighbourhood.

To our (pleasant) surprise, the sun was beaming down on us and we found several spots that caught our eye, so the shoot simply progressed from there.

From top to bottom, I let my models wear whatever they were comfortable with and I didn’t have any specific directions unless I saw something that I thought was reflective. After all, I wanted them to be in their natural state.

The “Resolute” Series comprises of two (2) parts, which are “Resolute 1.0” and “Resolute 2.0“.

So, why “Resolute”?

admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

Truth be told, there is no backstory to this shoot.It was an outlet for the subjects to reflect and refamiliarise themselves with one another and myself.

Sometimes, when we have met so many people and have done a lot of things in life, we try to make do with what’s left of what we remember through reflection. And it is upon that reflection that makes it seem like a new start all over again, with a little bit more determination and/or purpose every time, hence the titular name of the series.

“Resolute 1.0” is literally the first part of the shoot which was after not even 15 minutes into meeting Harry. In spite of the lack of time to familiarise myself with him as well as on top of working with Ika as it was our very first proper shoot together, there was still a great sense of comfort and stillness against the concrete and urban-like surroundings.


Meanwhile, “Resolute 2.0” is the second half of the shoot which was held within Ika’s very own abode. So, there was significantly a lot more close-ups and the whole shoot felt more intimate compared to the first one. I can honestly say that I was immensely and genuinely gratified to have been able to capture the more unguarded and personal side of theirs (symbolised by them not wearing their outerwear) and it was… enigmatic yet refreshing, as one might say.

So, I hope the photos can speak for themselves. It is after all a series that aims to manifest your own resolute.

Before all else, I would like to extend my huge and warm thanks to Ika and Harry for helping me create such beautiful and reflective photos! I don’t think I could have done it without you two.

“Resolute 1.o” will be posted on Monday next week, and “Resolute 2.0” will be posted the following week on the same day.

Stay tuned!

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