Experimenting | Misty Weekend

The previous weekend was made up of the last day of October and the first day of November and I spontaneously perused it to experiment on street photography by merely using the camera on my Samsung A5 and VSCOCam.

The subjects of this series are myself and close friends of mine, namely Ika and Zihah. If you have been closely following my work, Zihah may be a more familiar model that I’ve been working with aside from Hallie.

The first three photos were taken at the market along High Street which was pedestrianised in conjunction with Halloween. As for the rest, it was yet another impromptu shoot considering how infrequent it would be to actually take photos in the misty fog looming over Colchester.

I was skeptical that my camera would be of any good as it might not capture the thickening cloud droplets, but thankfully, processing the photos on VSCOCam made it possible and they turned out quite well.

This is exactly why I am still hesitant about buying a digital camera because my phone has proven me wrong so many times.

On a serious note, as much as I would like to stick with my film cameras and my phone, I know that I would slowly but surely turn to DSLR when I need to and become a hybrid shooter because let’s be honest; low light does not go well with film and my phone’s camera (in spite of its impressive 13 megapixels). Hopefully I’ll be able to save enough money to get a decent DSLR (currently eyeing Canon 600D, 70D and 6D).

So, anyway, here are the photos taken over the weekend!










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