Here Again

Apologies for the sudden hiatus! I don’t think anyone realised that I gradually became more and more infrequent with updating my blog and Instagram on the most part ever since I was overwhelmed with an avalanche of work from everywhere.

Second year in uni is certainly no joke! It was only the first semester and it was admittedly hectic and crazy with deadlines all cramped together within a short period of time. In addition to that, there was a ridiculous heap of events to organise and meetings to attend. Even for a workaholic such as myself, I was afraid that I was going to get lost in the tides and never found my way back and I felt like I had no escape aside from getting all the sleep that I could get at night before every single day of the last few weeks of the semester. But all the hardwork truly paid off because I actually learned a lot and everything went well, if it was not for each and every one of my fellow peers and colleagues involved. There were some hiccups here and there, but we made it a point to see it as a chance to improve. It made me think that sometimes it’s not about the reward but the journey, and that journey in itself can be the most rewarding thing ever. And I can personally attest to that.

Now that I’m officially back in the blogosphere, hopefully there will be more updates since the winter break has started! Winter is not exactly one of my favourite seasons because of the freezing cold temperature, but I can’t help myself from feeling giddy and excited at the possibility of seeing plainfields covered in snow right outside my window – not that it snows a lot where I live at – and hiding under a duvet while sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. It may be cold outside, but there is still much to do that beckons you into the warmth of a home that can be conjured by a much needed session of cooking and unwinding to jazz oldies and reading a good book. If that did not sound like a perfect kind of hibernation, then I don’t know what is.

Alhamdulillah, although it’s been a rough semester, it all worked out in the end. Indeed, everything falls into place where they are meant to be. And it makes me feel ever more resolute for the coming new year, so the winter break was definitely something that I had been looking forward to in hopes of recuperating and reflecting before 2016 comes rolling in.

On the topic of resolution, I understand that there has been a lot of anticipation towards the “Resolute 2.0” Series and, believe me, I don’t want to keep it away from you much longer, but I won’t be posting it just yet until next week. So, please bear with me for a little while more.

As a kickstart to my return from the short break, here are some photos of what I have been up to while I was (sort of) off the grid. Recently, I have been in touch with a few close friends of mine and I managed to revisit some of the places that I have always been fond of in London. It’s days and moments like these that remind me that here is where I am meant to be, in spite of the hustle and bustle in life.

So, I hope you will find your own sense of belonging no matter where you are in time and space and that your last two weeks of 2015 be filled with more beautiful memories.

Have a great winter ahead, everyone! And stay tuned!



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