Rolling Back Into The Creative Scene

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I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this here, but Shinny of The Collective – who I met sometime before I flew off – asked if I wanted to write something for The Social, an online-based magazine that showcases writings of creatives from different lines and scenes curated by The Collective. As a budding film photographer who was looking for a platform to showcase my work and interests, I was beyond thrilled to have been given this opportunity so I accepted it without a second thought! However, the question of “What am I going to write about?” began to loom over my mind like a dark, ominous cloud and I feared that I couldn’t get anything out eloquently, let alone articulately.

When fate decided to be nice to me, Kinfolk released their latest Winter issue, or simply known as Volume 13, and they had their launching event at the Notting Hill branch of TOAST in London. So I thought I’d cover that event and see what it was like for myself.

To find out more about how the event went that evening, you can read my article on The Social here. You can also find The Social on Instagram.

Shinny has been working hard trying to make the creative scene in Brunei as vibrant and alive as possible and all her efforts along with other collaborators and contributors alike are clearly evident on social medias. As a creative away from home and a witness to all of this, I was so proud and amazed. I did feel a bit saddened to have missed out on the various creative happenings that I knew I would love to be a part of.

But speak of the devil, Shinny contacted me as soon as she heard that I was back and asked if I was looking to get involved with The Collective and The Social firsthand. If it wasn’t obvious from my previous post, I was elated to have heard from her!

I can’t wait to catch up with her over coffee at Another Cafe where we first met and I haven’t gone to any of my favourite locale independent coffee shops to satisfy my coffee and aesthetic cravings since I got back.

Looks like a great kick-start to achieving my summer goals this year!

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