Back In Brutown

Hello, guys! I’ve arrived home safe and sound about a week ago. Brunei is hot and humid as usual and it’s been raining a lot as of late. It feels good to be back in the arms of my beloved family nevertheless. And the abundance of amazing halal food. Even better, ramadhan has graced upon us once again.

On my way back to Brunei, all I had on my mind was just to get home really. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I made it here, some things have changed, others remain pretty much the same.

I have yet to garner what’s in store for me this summer, but here are my plans so far:

  • Attend and get involved in creative happenings in Brunei
  • Travel to at least one of the ASEAN countries aside from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently rooting for either Thailand or Vietnam.
  • Cafe-hopping around Brunei (not limited to coffee shops)
  • Get involved in volunteering work
  • Reconnect with people and meet new people
  • Make an actual portfolio of my photography works
  • Land a placement at one of the government offices

Of course these plans may or may not happen depending on whether rezeki and time would allow me. There are so many things that I want to do here that are not included in the list above. Just wanted to make a list because it helps me feel that I have certain goals that I can look forward to achieving towards the end of summer.

Speaking of goals, I recently found out that XYLØ, Oh Wonder, Lucy Rose and AURORA are performing in London exactly throughout my absence there! I am beyond frustrated. I have been waiting for the opportunity to watch them live, but clearly time isn’t on my side. It frustrates me even more when I think about how close I was to attending one of their concerts if I hadn’t confirmed the date of my flight back to London. But that ended up driving me to make a mental note of attending at least a concert or two during my second year which I never got to do as a fresher. So next time, I will make it happen!

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