An Aimless Yet Thoughtful Musing

When we take off our rose-tinted glasses, only then we would realise how astonishingly precious and breathtakingly rare a pedestrian’s miracle can be on the roadside. It is, however, more often than not that in its micro-environment, it is deemed as nothing but commonplace, and such is our world.

As we let our skins wither along with the passing time, we all become accustomed to ponder and wonder about everything, but with inspiration, effort and thoughtful contemplation, our faith can withstand any hurdles of doubt, and our minds can go beyond impossible. We can do so much more than sitting on a bench and watching people teeming in and out of a shopping mall or strolling down the street; a mere bystander. The choice to see the world for what it is and make things happen are laid  in our hands.

But what happens when you feel like the world has rotated on its axis against you, diminishing any hopes of comfort for the emotionally and mentally strained soul? In our nature which has been biologically and spiritually embedded in us from eons ago, we would seek solace in different means and forms, but to what extent are these means and forms capable of lifting the dread that weighs heavily on your shoulders?

At times, we tend to see these means and forms as a method for increasing happiness and decreasing sadness and we put the blame on something or someone else – if not ourselves – for any life circumstance that goes wrong. Life would have been mechanical, unfulfilled, and, if I daresay, lost, if we continued to perceive the cycles of existentialism and life in this light.

Camera: Canon AV-1. Film: Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400

Over time, I learned the true meaning of contentment that would not have otherwise been known to me if I had not felt grief and loss. Contentment is an ability to feel gratitude for what we have left in our lives and for what have happened in the course of our lives thus far, in spite of the things that we have lost along the way. Thus, subtraction of the role of something or someone from our lives does not necessarily equate to a decrease in happiness.

It may have saddened us in numerous ways possible, but if – through or at the end of the ordeal – we could feel a sense of gratitude flooding in towards our dejected hearts like the granules of sand slipping effortlessly through the crevices between our fingers, we would then know that we have given ourselves the chance for rebirth and rejoice.

Source: Tumblr

After incessantly reblogging ethereal pictures of teepees on Tumblr, I could not help but let my wind wander towards unwarranted territories of my soul; it is a midpoint where I believe both of my mind and my soul merge together in hopes of striking a balance and seeking reconciliation with one another, to extricate their wielded swords that have numerously produced a sharp clang in dispute of rationalism and existentialism.

Who would have thought that teepees could lead to this philosophical musing of mine about contentment and taking off our rose-tinted glasses?

I could only ponder and wonder, like the self-proclaimed philosopher that I am (or not).

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