About The Rustic Trove

Hello and welcome to The Rustic Trove, a blog that will be documenting a photographic journey towards unearthing, appreciating and curating all things simple, creative and, of course, rustic, managed solely by yours truly.

Just to give you a gist about myself, I hail from the hot and wet Brunei and like many other adolescents, I have had the tendency to create and delete blogs of my own which were intended for different purposes. It was a constant cycle until 2010 where I opened up a personal blog that I didn’t want to link to my social network accounts. However, that didn’t bode well for me because I wanted to share my writing and photography with the world without having to hide in a crevice. So, The Rustic Trove happened.

I am currently reading BA Philosophy and Politics at University of Essex. Now that I am based in the UK, I figured that it was also the perfect time to set up this side project where I can showcase and cultivate my creative side.

So, welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the journey!


With love,

Fifi H. Hasman.

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