Discover | Adler Tippa 1 (1967)

If you noticed from my recent posts, I’ve been titling them by utilising their respective categories. For me, this is intended to be organisational as well as to make the categories more noticeable.

“Discover” is a new category that I think would serve many purposes, especially since I seem to find a knack in exploring these days, and exploring usually leads me to discovering places and trinkets that are worth mentioning and talking about.

And today’s feature is Adler Tippa 1, a sleek  portable typewriter that I got off of eBay (yes, I know it’s risky!) at only £25.00, which was actually pretty cheap for a working typewriter. The only thing that I know about this typewriter is that it was manufactured in 1967 in then West Germany.

So, why get a typewriter?

My main inspiration for getting a typewriter is my maternal grandpa, or affectionately known as Nek Bob by his grandchildren, who still hovers his typewriter to this day since I was a kid. For a few times, my family and I tried to show him the convenience of a modern day computer, but it was not to his liking – or should I say – it didn’t feel quite right for him.

As a 90’s kid, I can say that I witnessed the transition from traditional technologies to modern ones such as a film camera to a digital compact camera and a VHS to a DVD. Basically, I grew up when these traditional technologies were still widely used, and also when they gradually disappeared from plain sight literally. Even then, I still find myself gravitating towards the manual side.

One day, as I was missing home, I suddenly had a flashback of seeing my grandpa typing on his typewriter and occasionally, I would wait for him to finish. I figured that if I stayed long enough, he would let me type something up on a piece of recycled paper.

And he always did.

These are the words that I would always type on his typewriter every time he let me play with it:

“hello my name is fifi.”

I forgot how much it fascinates me: the idea of printing letters onto a sheet of paper right in front of you as you work on it, and you don’t even need any source of electricity for it to work (the manual ones, at least).

That fond memory immediately propelled me to look for my own typewriter, and I knew then that I had to buy one as a keepsake of my grandpa.


After my order was confirmed, the antagonisingly slow waiting game commenced and I found myself refreshing the track page every few minutes of every day since then, hoping to see some progress.

My housemate even caught me staring longingly at the door just waiting for the delivery guy to knock on it. So, he got me an ink ribbon in town to cheer me up! (Yes, I was that upset when I realised that my package wasn’t arriving on the day I expected it to! Haha!) Thank you, housemate!



As you may have guessed, I was beyond exhilarated when I finally got my hands on it!  The typewriter was well-packaged and everything seemed to be in order. I also ordered two ink ribbons for my typewriter, so that I have enough stock for future uses.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Basically my view whenever I have some free quality time for myself. Talking about self-pampering!


Ever since I got the typewriter, I’ve been typing poems and love letters to my friends and making lists for my bullet journal, and it’s quite addictive.

The way my fingers gently pushing down against the keys… The history behind this timeless, practical machine that is intimately connected to communication and people… It all seems absolutely romantic, and perhaps idealistic even.

Now that I have finally owned one, I can understand why my grandpa wouldn’t trade his typewriter for anything.

It’s safe to say that the typewriter may as well be the ultimate love at first sight that you can’t ever let go of.

Here’s for you, Nek Bob.

13 Replies to “Discover | Adler Tippa 1 (1967)”

  1. Wow! This is so cool!

    Just wondering how much the ink ribbon costs you and how long does it lasts?

    (Don’t usually go through blogs, but I am so in love with yours!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The ink ribbons that I got specifically for my typewriter was £3.75 each from eBay. 🙂 I haven’t had it long enough to know personally, but if I remember correctly from my research, I think each ribbon can type probably a hundred pages, give and take.

      Are you planning to get a typewriter as well? Feel free to share some photos with me if you do! Would love to see what brand/model you’ll get.

      And thank you for dropping by! I appreciate it. Heheh

      – Fifi x


      1. Hey! I will probably buy the same one and I wanted to ask how the ink ribbons were called? I googled adler typer and it seems as if there were three types: 1. Adler Tippa 2. Adler Tippa S 3. Adler Tippa Deluxe
        Do you know which one yours is?


      2. Hello! That’s so exciting! My typewriter is the Adler Tippa 1, so my ink ribbon would have to be the one made for that model which is the first model that you mentioned. 🙂 Hope this helps!

        – Fifi x


  2. Okay, it’s time for my routine comment:

    1) SONG ❤ (i dont even have to even type in full sentences anymore???)
    3) "It all seems absolutely romantic, and perhaps idealistic even." Basically your aesthetic to me
    4) can't believe its that cheap! I'm saving up for next year's DY but that's definitely a dream to have *swoon*
    5) #TBTJournal is love. I want to read more. Basically even if you were to write grocery lists I would read them.
    6) BULLET JOURNAL?????? YAY!!!!!! I love BuJos. I still have my 2016 planner I bought from Korea so I haven't really gone over completely to BuJo but it's already a big monster mess of Planner/BuJo. I'm excited for 2017 so I can actually have a proper BuJo!! (I'm planning to get a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted A6 Pocket notebook – but I'm still figuring out how….) I'd love to see you incorporating your typed work into your BuJo 😍
    7) that last bw photo of "hello my name is fifi" is a beautiful touch to an end of a post! ❤
    8) Your constant updates makes me happy. NEED ALL THE HAPPYS. YAY TO UPDATES.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Basically even if you were to write grocery lists I would read them.” Hahah! That’s too kind of you! 😍 I haven’t been able to type much these days because of my assignments, but I’ll be sure to do a little virtual tour of my Bullet Journal when the time comes! I’d love to see how you make use of yours!

      Alhamdulillah, I’ve been pushing myself to update the blog whenever I have some time in my hands hahah still not as frequent as I’d like to but I’m getting there!

      I can’t wait for your DY experience! You must be excited! Hope preparations are underway. !❤

      – Fifi x

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      1. (Sorry for this uber late reply) EEEEEP! So excited for your BuJo! I haven’t started mine, honestly stuck in the planning zone – which is ironic as BuJo should be simple, haha! I probably should push myself towards posting more too. It’s a struggle between “do I want to write, paint, letter, plan BuJo or read today?” and then I’d end up on Youtube for the rest of the week. XD Thank you so much! x


  3. So lucky! Glad you got yourself a typewriter. I love how it sounds everytime its used from the clack clack clack to the whiiirt tings! 😂 have fun using it Fifi

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Ezzah! I myself am very glad as well! Not only that it works perfectly, it’s a nice touch to my room. I still get giddy whenever it rings at the end of the line. Hahah

    Thanks for dropping by! I hope you’re doing well. ❤

    – Fifi x


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