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Good morning! I hope everyone has had a pleasant weekend. I didn’t realise that we’re already halfway through October and I haven’t even posted anything. Since tomorrow is going to be exactly a month since I’ve been back in the UK, I figured that I should share the first thing that I did here, minus settling in and fixing my body clock from the long-haul flight. So now, on with The Minories!

During my first week back in Colchester after the summer break, I went out with a friend, Zimmo. We both have always wanted to check out a cafe in town together, so he suggested The Minories, a public gallery located in the heart of Colchester Town where you can find artworks by students and teaching staff at Colchester School of Art.

As soon as I stepped in, I was already in love with the gallery. What amazed me most about it was the preservation of its classical interior on top of showcasing contemporary artworks in varying forms.

Zimmo and I lurked around the ground floor of the gallery before going through the back door which led to a garden.

As you can see from the photos above, the garden looked absolutely relaxing. The weather was getting cold, but that didn’t deter us from sitting outside and enjoy our brunch from The Batte-Lay Tearoom, an establishment run by Tiptree behind the gallery.

Here are some photos that I took using Kodak Gold on Pentax P-50.

Hope you like them!

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