My First Step Into Analogue Photography

Remembering an idealistic notion that I always seem to aspire of doing in regards to making things from scratch, be it a table or a loaf of bread, I surprise myself every time that I capture moments with a digital camera on my phone and editing them with VSCO presets with mere clicks in a sheer attempt of evoking emotions and the perpetuity of the moments themselves. Having been raised in Brunei where the services and supplies rendered for analogue photography is limited constantly makes me think how difficult it would be to venture into this field of creative arts. And it doesn’t help with my growing love and fondness for the Kinfolk magazine and their stunning desaturated photos which included the work of Parker H. Fitzgerald (also known as P. H. Fitzgerald), who has inspired me to look into analogue photography.

All thoughts of analogue photography dying in my country were immediately washed away when I attended the Urban Lifestyle Festival organised by Relentless Entertainment last month back in Brunei and I came across Analog Lab (Instagram: @analoglab_bn) which was displaying second-hand analogue cameras, film rolls (including Kodak Portra 400!!!) and camera hand straps for sale on their stall. I could see hope rekindling at the back of my head as I acquainted myself with the pioneer, Sapta.

Through him I found out that Analog Lab also takes in rolls for processing and developing which is big plus point and an extremely huge relief to me now that I know whenever I return to Brunei over the summer, I wouldn’t have to worry about my films.

So I resumed my so-called research into analogue photography and I was thinking about the pros and cons of it. However, after reading 11 Reasons To Shoot Film (, I decided to go for it.

Getting started

I’ve just ordered Pentax K1000 35mm Film Camera with 50mm Lens from ebay yesterday at USD99.99 (excluding shipping and import charges) and its estimated time of arrival is between 11th October and 20th October. I was hoping that the camera would arrive in time before my trip to Wiltshire and Bath with University of Essex Travel Society on 12th October but the university’s post room (as I live on campus) is closed on weekends so I know for sure that it will only reach me by the 13th at the earliest. On the sideline, I ordered a Lomography Colour Negative 800 Film pack containing 3 rolls at £11.29.

Why Pentax K1000?

After reading a lot of reviews, it seems that Pentax K1000 is the way to go for beginners and amateurs alike. One of the many reasons for this is that the durability and the design were so practical, so convenient and so straightforward that it became one of the most sought after film cameras for a lot of photography students. I am by no means an actual photography student but I am investing my time (and money!) to learn more about the art and science of curating moments from behind the lens the traditional way – or should I say, the analogue way, and Pentax K1000 seems like the perfect fit to this equation.

Here’s one of the reviews that helped to finalise my decision in getting Pentax K1000:

Insightful articles for beginners

While waiting for my advanced birthday present to arrive, I decided to do some reading and found these beginner’s guides which have been really helpful in kick-starting my journey into analogue photography.

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