Travel | Birmingham 2015/2016

Being in Birmingham doesn’t feel as strange to me as the first time, but it still feels exhilarating to be back again. As of yesterday, I have officially begun my travels for the winter break starting with none other than Birmingham, the second largest city in England after London. After being cooped up in my home for the past couple of weeks for my health, it felt amazing to be out and about without feeling light-headed.

Here are the places that I will be visiting for the next two weeks:

  • Birmingham
  • York
  • Eindhoven
  • Amsterdam

I’ll be spending almost a full week with Aisyah which means that we get to spend New Year’s Eve for the first time together after all these years. I’ve definitely been looking forward to this trip more than anything else, so I was beyond ecstatic that it finally happened.

I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do for the next few days as she is not in the best physical state after tearing the ligament on her left knee. But I know for sure that we’re going to enjoy each other’s company.

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