Taking A Breather

Hi! I apologise for the lack of updates. I’m currently in the middle of exam season and I can barely hold on and keep going. Thank goodness for my family who I have been keeping in touch with a lot more than the usual during this gruesome period of every academic year. Oh, and the string of music discoveries that helps in keeping me sane. The good thing is that I am one paper away to freedom and this misery will end on the day after tomorrow! However, as soon as it ends, I’ll have so much things to do within such a short period of time.

First of all, I’m going back to Brunei very soon and I need to start packing once exams are over and done with. But then on the last day of my exam, I have a dinner reception with the university’s Vice Chancellor that I need to attend as the President of Brunei Essex (BruEssex) Society 2015/2016, so I’ll most likely start packing the next day which leaves me with not much time. Not only that, I have to store away all my things at a friend’s place for the whole summer and I have to move them one box/luggage at a time, which equates to several bus trips to Wivenhoe from the university. I’m so glad that I have an annual bus pass. It’s a little – okay, very – inconvenient to have to go to Wivenhoe back and forth, but at least it’s cost efficient.

In the midst of planning and preparing for my trip back home, it feels quite surreal that it’s almost the end of my first year at the university. To be frank, it’s been an eventful academic year filled with its own dash of bittersweet and a wholesome of exciting adventures where wisdom is flourishing. I would love to reflect more on what I have done during my whole time here in the UK so far and to share my summer plans with you all (Hints: Cafe-hopping, writing and photo shoots!), but I think that can wait after I’m done sorting things out here.

So, here’s to my last paper and my last week on campus! I’ll be back before you know it!

P.S. The song above is so addictive and it’s definitely going into my summer playlist!

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